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Kids Doctor Checkup
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We recognize that communities are networks of individuals with common goals and that each community has a unique pulse and priorities. Our goal is to foster genuine relationships among each community that we serve and with the organizations that serve them to understand and address the health priorities of the people who live, play, and work within each.


We specialize in the unconventional. The traditional model dictates that once a problem is identified, a solution is chosen from a hat to apply to the problem and then brought to the community for implementation. At CFBH, we see a problem, and we look to those impacted by the issue to guide the intervention that works best for them. We work backward to push the needle forward.

For any intervention to have a long-term impact, there must be community buy-in and a robust infrastructure to support longevity. CFBH helps build the capacity of new and existing grassroots efforts, which results in programs that are hardwired into the community.


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