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Community Advocacy

Vegetable Market

Community Leadership & Advocacy Training

In 2020, CFBH partnered with CANDO Houston to implement the Community Leadership & Advocacy Training in Acres Homes. The purpose of this training is to raise community voices to advocate on behalf of their communities to promote sustainable changes to advance health equity. In Acres Homes, a total of 8 Resident Advocates have been trained to actively advocate for healthy food access in Acres Homes and lead promotion of the Healthy Corner Stores Intiative.

If you are interested in joining the advocacy team, please contact us.

Examining Access to Healthy Food Options


CFBH partnered with Ivy Walls, owner of IvyLeaf Farms, to launch an advocacy video project addressing healthy food access in Acres Homes. This advocacy video highlights what it is like living in an area with limited access to fresh, affordable healthy food options.

Check out the media tab to view the full advocacy video!

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